1.Selection of the transport mode and transport company
In order for the investor to clearly understand the costs for the wind turbines transportation, it should be noted right away that the price for the wind turbine carriage does not depend on its state (new or used), because the transportation is a service and its price depends on:
  • place and conditions of loading;
  • transportation route and its length;
  • transport mode;
  • overall dimensions of the cargo.
The choice of the transport mode and the final carrier is made with the constant informing of the customer and only after his approval. The final criteria for us are the transportation cost and the cargo delivery date.
Selection of the transport mode and transport company
Route survey
2. Route survey
The most common delivery method for wind turbines is road transport. In order to arrange the transportation, it is necessary to explore the entire route from point A to point B. Why is such work to be done? The answer is simple: to determine the least costly route for the road-train, both in time and in terms of cost. Since the cargo is oversized and long, there are difficulties with the turning radius of long vehicles, loads on the roadway, height tolerances of linear infrastructure (bridges, trestles, overpasses, power lines), technical characteristics of international automobile checkpoints, the state of bridges, culverts and other engineering structures. Taking into account all of the above, a route for the road-train movement is to be elaborated.
3. Obtaining permits for the cargo carriage and passage

The route has been elaborated. The next steps:

  • we send it to the traffic police,
  • state traffic inspectorate, roads maintenance companies,
  • obtain appropriate toll permits,
  • organize cargo escort by special transport,
  • pay for passage on public roads, if it’s necessary.

That's it. Let’s go...

Obtaining permits for the cargo carriage and passage
Customs clearance
4. Customs clearance

In international practice, customs clearance of exports is the responsibility of the supplier, while the import of goods is at the expense of the buyer. To import the wind turbine into the territory of the member-state of the Customs Union it is necessary to prepare the package of documents correctly in order to reduce the downtime of the road-train at the borders and to pay customs duties and VAT correctly. In this case, it is necessary to take into consideration that the wind turbine is usually imported disassembled in several vehicles. The experience and authority of professional customs brokers helps in solving the task.

5. Unloading operations with the use of special equipment
The long-awaited moment has come - the turbines arrived at the site of the future construction of the wind farm. It is necessary not only to unload the elements of the wind turbine quickly and undamaged, but also to take care of their proper positioning at the construction site to save resources for intrasite movement. Initially, it is necessary to correctly position the wind turbine on the ground for the subsequent operation of the assembly crane. All loading and unloading operations are carried out using specialized fasteners and under the supervision of professionals.
Unloading operations with the use of special equipment
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