Maintenance and operation of wind turbines

Maintenance and operation of wind turbines

Performing work to keep the wind turbine in usable state
1. Scheduled maintenance check in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements
Scheduled maintenance check in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements implies executing a certain list of works on a predetermined periodic basis to keep the trouble-free operation of the wind turbine. Each type of equipment has its own list of scheduled maintenance checks, which is subject to mandatory execution in order to keep warranty obligations for the wind generator.
2. Service work
The entire range of service works can be divided into 4 types: visual inspection, electrical service, mechanical service and lubrication.
Visual inspection
Visual inspection
Visual inspection, at first glance, seems to be a useless and simple stage of wind turbine maintenance. However, experts know that if the emerging small “irregularities” and “roughness” in the equipment operation are overlooked, if there is no due attention paid to the messages of the wind turbine automatic control system, a serious breakdown of the machine can be expected. Visual inspection is carried out not just by single-functioned workers, but by industry professionals who are fully responsible for the working efficiency of the turbine.
Wind turbine electrical service
Testing 10/0.4 kV and above transformer substation
Testing the gas-insulated monobloc
Testing 10 kV transformer
Testing 0.4 kV cell
Testing the electrical systems, assemblies, parts and elements of wind turbines
Diagnosis of wind turbine systems for critical errors and their elimination
Testing the operability of control cabinets for wind turbine systems
Testing sensors and wind turbine modules
Механический сервис ВЭУ
Wind turbine mechanical service
  • Diagnosis of wind turbine generator bearings;
  • Checking the generator windings and lacquer coating;
  • Control of tightening of bolted joints of flanged joints;
  • Checking and adjustment of the brake system;
  • Checking and adjustment of wind turbine hydraulic systems.
Lubrication work

Lubrication work is carried out to prevent excessive wear of mating surfaces, which include:

Installation of original oilers
Carrying out maintenance work on the lubrication system using original consumables
Replacing and filling the central lubrication system
Filling the central lubrication system with lubricants recommended by the manufacturer using specialized equipment
Performance testing
Testing the serviceability and correct functioning of the central lubrication system
3. Repair work
During the wind turbine operation, after a certain period of time, any owner is faced with the problem of repairing the wind turbine. The quality and efficiency of restoring the turbine's operability directly affects the generation of electricity by wind turbines and, accordingly, the company's income. For our part, we are ready to assist you in carrying out repair work of a wind generator of any complexity.
The following types of repair work performed by our specialists on an ongoing basis, will allow you to estimate qualifications and competence of our company:
  • Repair and replacement of failed elements and parts of the transformer substation equipment;
  • Restoration of boards and microchips of wind turbines, replacement of faulty components and parts;
  • Replacement of wind turbine generator bearings;
  • Restoration of the seat for the rotor bearing of the wind turbine generator;
  • Restoration of windings of the generator and damages of a lacquer covering;
  • Retightening of bolted joints of flanged joints with the required force;
  • Restoration of the braking system performance of wind turbines;
  • Restoration of the hydraulic systems performance of wind turbines;
  • Restoration of the seams tightness of the wind turbine nacelle body;
  • Alignment of motor shafts;
  • Endoscopic examination of the internal cavities of units and mechanisms
3. Repair work3. Ремонтные работы
Supply of spare parts and consumables
4. Supply of spare parts
and consumables

For the prompt implementation of repair and service work, we supply consumables, spare parts, parts and mechanisms of wind turbines ourselves. We are also ready to select, search and supply the parts, boards, components or assemblies you need as soon as possible from reliable European manufacturers and suppliers.

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