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For prompt performance of repair and service work, we deliver consumables, spare parts, parts and mechanisms of a wind turbine ourselves. We are also ready to select, search and deliver necessary details, boards, joints or units in the shortest time from reliable European manufacturers and suppliers.

Over the past few years, our experts have implemented more than ten (10) projects on development and construction of both single wind turbines and wind farms in Belarus and Russia with total installed capacity of over 40 MW.

In 2017, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Belarus ordered the wind measurements from us. Based on the results of wind measurements at 5 sites using 100-meter measuring masts, portfolio proposals for investors were developed.

wind generator
Own wind farm of EcoTEK LLC consists of 6 wind turbines and has been in operation since 2015.

The aim of our activities is to introduce the best world practices in the field of wind energy by adapting them to the specific conditions and requirements of the site where the wind turbine is located, as well as the optimal combination of customer needs with the technical characteristics of the wind turbine.

As part of the regional program for energy saving and energy efficiency improvement in Kaliningrad region (Russian Federation) in 2018, a project for construction of a wind farm with installed capacity of 5.1 MW was implemented. This project was awarded a diploma of the winner in the category "Energy" in the annual award "ComNews Awards 2018. Digital Economy" (Moscow)
Design of the wind farm in Kurapovo village Wind measurements, selection, design Tolochin
Wind farm in Akshukur town Installation, pre-commissioning works, repair Aktau
Wind farm in Kaliningrad region (Ushakovo township) Wind measurements, selection, logistics, construction, maintenance Kaliningrad
Wind farm in Klotchkovo village Wind measurements, selection, logistics, construction, operation, repair, remote monitoring Molodechno
Wind farm in Staraya Vodva village Wind measurements, selection, logistics, construction, operation, repair, remote monitoring Shklov
Wind turbine Installation, pre-commissioning works, operation, repair, remote monitoring Mogilev
Wind turbine in Amlyntsy village Installation, pre-commissioning works, restoration of the generator winding Nesvizh
Wind turbine in Krugloye town Pre-design documentation, equipment selection, delivery, installation, pre-comissioning works Krugloye
Wind turbine in Pudovnya village Gear box restoration Dribin
Wind turbine near Perkovichi village Installation, pre-commissioning works Kamenets
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