Wind turbine selection

Wind turbine selection

1. Based on wind measurement data or customer's wishes

With the internationally recognized wind measurement report in hand, work is underway to find several of the most optimal models of wind turbines from different manufacturers and to calculate the average annual electricity output based on the "power curve" of the turbine.

In other cases, the customer may request the selection of a wind turbine model without long-term wind measurements. In this case, our specialists use weather data from specialized international databases when calculating the electricity output of the wind turbine. When using this approach, the inaccuracy in output calculations can reach 10%, which is a significant loss in generation during the wind farm operation.

Based on wind measurement data or customer's wishes
New or used
2. New or used
There is always such a choice when implementing a project. For our part, we offer different options to discuss with the customer: based on new or used turbines. In this case, the work is not limited to a simple comparison of the equipment cost. The key point is deeper: it is the output volume of the turbine itself, operating costs, maintenance and warranty obligations. Our knowledge of the market, experience in dealing with suppliers, as well as our responsible attitude will help you make the right choice.
3. Interaction with the manufacturer or supplier

This process begins much earlier than presented in this timeline: from the moment of the wind energy potential assessment. Already with wind data available, the interaction with the manufacturer / supplier of the wind turbine starts.

The following issues are to be explored:
  • current market offerings;
  • planned volumes for the supply of turbines (forthcoming to release or scheduled for dismantling);
  • the manufacturer's workload;
  • delivery timeframe;
  • pick-up locations;
  • terms of payment and shipment;
  • availability of technical documentation, certificates and much, much more.
Interaction with the manufacturer or supplier
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