Wind power plant construction

Wind power plant construction

1. Support of design and survey work
Rendering of these services can be expressed both in the selection of specialized design and survey companies, and in full support of the design process: from the development of pre-design documentation and the collection of initial data to getting a state expert approval. The cost of the entire facility and the quality of the actual work performance, the ease and simplicity of the facility commissioning will largely depend on the proper development of design documentation, the technical solutions chosen. And the criteria for us are the transportation cost and the cargo delivery date.
Support of design and survey work
Support of construction work on the site
2. Support of construction work on the site

In the vast majority of cases, the design documentation (construction documents phase) is developed for the facility. In this case, the support of construction work on the site is aimed at providing consulting services during construction and installation in terms of rationalizing all processes for:

  • preparation of the pit;
  • reinforcement tying;
  • foundations pouring;
  • utilities installation;
  • foundation ring installation, etc.
3. Wind turbine installation

Simultaneously with the work of the construction team, an installation team also works on the site. This installation team prepares the wind turbine for assembly and lifting, organizes a site for the installation of an assembly crane.

As soon as the foundation reaches the required strength level, the stage of installation work begins:
  • the first section of the tower is installed on the foundation ring;
  • all bolted connections are tightened;
  • further, the remaining sections of the wind tower are installed sequentially with alternate connection of all flange joints;
  • the nacelle, generator, wind wheel are lifted and fastened, power and signal cables are laid;
  • internal cabinets and equipment are installed, etc.
Wind turbine installation
4. Pre-commissioning work

The aim of pre-commissioning work is a comprehensive verification of the installation work correctness, the detection of possible factory defects in the equipment composition, setting up the equipment operation in the maximum load mode and bringing the technical parameters of the equipment to the design consumer values.

The typical scope of pre-commissioning activities includes the following types of work:

Checking the compliance of the equipment technical parameters with design requirements and values
Test run to check the operability and functionality of individual systems, equipment and block diagrams including their output to operational values
Check-out and interaction setup of equipment and all utilities of the facility with the launch of a constant technological process, checking various operating modes
Comprehensive testing and equipment testing to check performance characteristics

The stage of pre-commissioning work is the final stage of work preceding the commissioning of the facility and its handover to the customer. Performing pre-commissioning work guarantees the correctness of the design, assembly and installation of equipment in terms of its optimal efficiency, reliability and safety.

The performance of pre-commissioning work is formalized by the corresponding certificate of work acceptance, which confirms the performance of work according to the contract agreements.

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